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Within these pages you’ll find inspiring stories of everyday heroes: from people who helped write Canada’s amazing story to more contemporary souls who inspire others as they soar above personal challenges.

GECO WWII Munitions Plant Workers Filling Fuses

WWII Munitions Plant Workers Filling Fuses at GECO in Scarborough, Ontario

Bomb Girls

Learn about General Engineering Company (Canada) Ltd., a top-secret WWII munitions plant that filled over 256 million fuses for the Allied Forces. GECO employed thousands of women who doffed their aprons and domestic responsibilities to don factory uniforms, and risked their lives daily handling gunpowder and high explosives. Come read about real “Bomb Girls.”


Life of English Emigrant David Cragg

David Cragg, born in 1769, claimed no spectacular life accomplishment other than living out an ordinary man’s life in England’s countryside like the humanity around him. David took a wife, had eight children, and worked hard to feed his family. He experienced profound joy and suffered great sorrow – things that all mankind encounters and endures.

What sets David’s story apart from the rest is the fact that David chose to keep a diary from the time he was eighteen years old to just before he died in 1835. From the minutiae that made up daily life to sweeping world events, David recorded it all. He chronicled day to day weather reports, and his growing displeasure in the pettiness of his church. He wrote about the impact of the Napoleonic Wars to the tragic consequences of the Industrial Revolution. He recounted the devastation caused in his family by a grand consumption, scarlet fever, and the dreaded lake fever.

Widowed and penniless, David sailed from his beloved homeland with his children, endured a harrowing trip across the stormy North Atlantic, and emigrated to Upper Canada in 1833. He died eighteen months later after founding the town of Greenbank, Ontario. Come learn more about David Cragg.

Irish Memorials in Canada

Ireland Park, Toronto, Ontario

Ireland Park, Toronto, Ontario

The shores of the St. Lawrence River and Lake Ontario are reverently dotted by a string of Irish Memorials paying tribute to hundreds of thousands of desperate, starving men, women, and children who fled the Great Hunger in Ireland. Tragically tens of thousands died from pestilence before they had a chance to live in their new homeland, Canada. Come and discover some of these humbling Memorials to the Irish in Canada.

MS Doesn’t have to be a Mess

Looking for truly courageous people? You’ll find people within these pages who live with multiple sclerosis, a debilitating progressive neurological disease of the brain and spinal cord. Their courage, tenacity, and continued hope for a cure make their stories an incredible inspiration to all who pause to listen.Come and meet them here.

More Everyday Heroes Living Extraordinary Lives

In these pages you will find remarkable stories of everyday people who, through circumstance, courage, and tenacity, have overcome hardship, stepped boldly into the unknown, and kicked discouragement in the butt. What a privilege to write their stories–stories to inspire, encourage, and challenge.

Meet Brenda Critch who prayed for a child but after suffering two miscarriages and serious health problems her wish for children seemed hopeless; that is, until God sent her a message of hope through a pie plate.

With a combination of skill, focus and training, Kathy Kreiner-Phillips attained her childhood dream of Olympic gold. But it was only after she retired from the sport that she fulfilled her ultimate goal.

Joni Eareckson Tada was disabled at seventeen in a diving accident, yet found the courage to live as a quadriplegic by relying on the unfailing love of God.

On February 21, 1999 a three-day-old girl was left abandoned on the dirty steps of a Thailand government orphanage. Tiny and helpless, she appeared utterly forsaken by the world. But not forsaken by God. Back in Canada, couple Tim and Debbie Gifford yearned for a child of their own. Read their touching journey that took them from their small home town in Newfoundland and Labrador halfway around the world.

Hope you find your heart a little brighter and your step a little lighter from having tarried within these pages.