Mountains for Maddi

“Mountains for Maddi” is still available for purchase on Amazon

Mountains for Maddi

Mountains for Maddi

Maddi Madigan is convinced MS and men don’t mix.

At least that’s what her head tells her.

Too bad her heart has other plans.

When Maddi careens into Dr. Gregory Connor on a snowy ski slope while on vacation in the rugged Canadian Rockies, her heart skitters almost as far as her ski poles.

Greg, utterly smitten by Maddi’s dimples and smoky hazel eyes, pursues her over the next few days the same way he works —- hard. When she lingers just beyond his romantic grasp, he rallies with dogged determination.

While trying to woo Maddi is high on Greg’s list of ‘things to do on vacation’, it doesn’t claim top spot. Greg isn’t in the Rockies just for some skiing. He’s also attending a medical conference as the principal investigator for a new drug, Pro-Axon, an effective treatment for multiple sclerosis.  He’s dedicated his life to finding a cure to end MS. Tragically, his clinical trial data proving the safety and efficacy of Pro-Axon is stolen through well-timed, large-scale robberies across several labs, leaving him no option but to cancel Phase III of his clinical trial.

Lake Louise with Chateau Lake Louise

Lake Louise with Chateau Lake Louise

Utterly defeated, he contemplates giving up and going home, but Maddi’s exuberance and optimistic outlook on life, despite a sadness radiating from her eyes, compels Greg to dig deep to find answers, not only to who master-minded the robberies, but to what’s truly valuable in his life.

Can Maddi make it through the week without her heart ending up in a puddle of slush at Greg’s feet? How hard should she try? Could Greg truly offer hope for a Happily Ever After? And can Greg find peace amidst the loss of his life’s work?

Mountains for Maddi is a sweet romance that makes its readers root, not only for Maddi in her courageous struggle with MS, but for all people who deal with disability.

Mountains for Maddi will inspire, encourage, and leave the reader with a contented sigh of hope.

Mountains for Maddi is available for sale on Amazon.

Accolades for Mountains for Maddi

“If you want warmth, inspiration, and hope when life throws you unexpected and painful curves, I recommend you read this book. If you want God’s blessings in the face of adversity, I recommend you read this book. If you want a heartwarming story with winsome characters and snappy dialogue, I recommend you read this book. If you want to travel and experience the beauty, the splendor, the majesty of Canada without ever leaving the comfort of your home, I recommend you read this book.” ˜˜ Anna Dynowski, inspirational author of 5 romance novels, including Full House and Full-Time Wife. Meet Anna.

“I loved it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Having just spent 7 yrs in AB, Banff is very near and dear to my heart. Your descriptions of all the local scenery and the shops and everything were so vivid, it made me want to rush back there. You have an amazing gift to draw your reader into the lives of your characters…sure hope you are planning to do a sequel and give us the story of Beth & Jeff because I believe there is a pretty good story just waiting to emerge.”  ˜˜ Captain Shelley Kerr, Pastor, Scarborough Citadel, a Community Church of The Salvation Army

Chateau Lake Louise

Chateau Lake Louise

“I CAN’T PUT IT DOWN!!!!! The writing is excellent, but more than that, the story is wonderful – I love the characters! I can’t wait to read the next one!!!” ˜˜ Captain Lori Mitchell, Pastor, Lakeshore Community Church, The Salvation Army

“The characters work, the story works, everything works!” ˜˜ Dawn Stewardson, author of over 35 romance novels

“I have just finished reading (Mountains for Maddi) and enjoyed the romance. The MS research added an interesting twist and the fact that the heroine had MS and fell in love with the Research Doctor…Wow!! Loved the bottom of page 54.”  ˜˜Robere Keirstead, wife of renowned painter, James Keirstead

“What a great concept for a book–MS,mystery and romance–and a neurologist as the romantic lead to boot!”  ˜˜ Greta M. Herron, Publications Associate, National MS Society

“Barbara’s writing is delightful and easy to read. I sincerely love it! Her style, the story, the conversations; everything.   Her story is sweet and feels very real, even though it is fiction. This is a book I have shared with friends. One reader said, “It was wonderful. I read it yesterday.”  It is visual, believable and has wide appeal for all readers of good writing and story telling. Write some more, Barbara!” ˜˜ Liz Thompson, freelance writer

“I recieved your book “Mountains for Maddi” from a friend…I loved it.  I found it very true and a great story, telling about how life with MS can be. Thank you so much for this book.”  ˜˜ A Reader

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